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  The Matt tooth Collection   This section of the site is currently under maintenance. All art in the gallery is available for sale. Please email matt@elastic-canvas.co.uk for any orders.  
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Limited Edition Prints


I have always had a burning desire to create but dedicating my time to one thing was never enough so I .......more Buy my art as limited edition prints on 100% cotton canvas at a range of sizes and finishes...more I am versatile in the way I design I am also so in the way I paint. I can paint what in you want in the style you want....more
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Hand Finished

Hand Finished Prints

Made to Fit


I ensure all my work is of the highest quality using only the finest materials and finishing techniques.....more Why not let me make your print truly unique and hand paint over the top.....more I offer a very unique service which shows your how your painting will look in situ.....more
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